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The design concept for this school renovation project was based on the goal of creating a unique identity for each wing of the school while finding a common theme to ensure a cohesive look throughout the building. S8D collaborated with school administration and staff to select colors and finishes for the space that reflected the spirit of the kindergarten and first grade students in this wing. The project scope included far more than updating the aesthetics of the space. The classrooms were made more energy efficient by replacing all of the windows with insulated window systems and installing lighting controls that take advantage of day lighting. Upgrading classroom security was also a critical part of the project scope. The young students in these classrooms now have a space that is designed specifically for their needs and curriculum, allowing them to maximize this early childhood learning experience.

Project Team:
Architect/Project Lead:  Studio 8 Design
MPE Engineers:  OLG Engineering, Inc.
General Contractor:  Baron Construction
Photography:  Sheri Oneal Photography