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Harlinsdale Farm is a famous horse breeding facility originally established in the 1930s. The farm now functions as a public park in Franklin, Tennessee. Because a new equestrian arena is being added to the park, Studio Eight Design was asked to facilitate the construction of two new support structures, a concessions building and a scoreboard pavilion.

The concessions building includes restroom, ticketing, and concessions areas. Windows provide natural light to the interior spaces and a breezeway continues the paving pattern found throughout the new arena for continuity to the site. Exposed wood trusses and large overhanging roofs tie the two structures together stylistically. The historic Harlinsdale green roofs and white walls are also present throughout.

Project Team:
Architect of Record:  Studio Eight Design
Landscape Architect:  Kiser Vogrin Design
Design Architect:  Historical Concepts
M.E.P. and Structural Engineer:  Genesis Engineering
General Contractor:  Riverbirch