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Historic American Foursquare – Renovation & Addition


Located in an historic, urban neighborhood near Belmont University’s campus, this “Foursquare” style house was renovated from a walk-up duplex to an inviting single family home.  The project was renovated in two phases and includes the renovation of 900 square feet of existing interior space, the addition of a master suite, a large screened porch, and a single vehicle carport.  The owners enjoy cooking, and the kitchen was designed to provide ample work space with plenty of room for guests to gather in the bar and breakfast areas.  The master suite and laundry room were relocated to the upstairs of the house in order separate public and private spaces and facilitate entertaining on the main level.  Phase II of the project included the screened porch addition with covered parking below.  The screened porch provides an outdoor room with a fireplace and a concealed television area.  An exterior side deck is accessed from the porch for grilling.  Because of the slope of the lot, the parking area is located directly below the porch and can be accessed without ever leaving the cover of the home.  The house was featured in the 2008 Belmont – Hillsboro Neighborhood Association Tour of Homes.

Project Team:
Contractor:  Nashville Remodeling
Photography:  Bill LaFevor