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Pack Rat Mini Storage

Smyrna, Tennessee

Through demographic research, this business owner determined that his storage units would be more desirable to his target customer if the business office had an attractive and welcoming design. While the business office is only a small portion of the overall square footage, it is the face of the business to the entire community.

The tower element anchors the building on the site and communicates that this is the primary entry point to all visitors. The design of the tower incorporates clerestory windows to give it an airy feel while increasing daylight on the interior. By night, the tower is lit from the inside by a large pendant light.

While the modest budget created some challenges, it allowed Studio 8 to come up with creative solutions for design elements and focus efforts on areas that have the greatest impact. Ample daylighting is not only a key design element on the interior, but also allows staff to monitor the property from the reception desk. The maple cabinetry balances out the concrete floors for a warm but contemporary feel.

Studio 8 worked with the owner to develop presentation drawings and documentation for re-zoning, planning commission approvals, and neighborhood review.

Project Team:
Owner:  Pack Rat Mini-Storage
Civil Engineer:  Huddleston-Steele Engineering
Structural Engineer:  EMC Structural Engineers
M.E.P. Engineer:  Mp&E Engineering
Cost Estimation:  Dow Smith Company