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Mount Pleasant Residence

Charleston, South Carolina

The Owners currently live in a 1,000 square foot, 1950’s home located on this property at the corner of Fairmont Avenue and Atlantic Street in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. They posed the challenge to Studio Eight of designing an addition and renovation that would create a comfortable house for their family of four to live, but also be a plan geared toward rental or re-sale in the event that they decide to move. Since the house sits on a large corner lot, the plans also include the a design for an accessory dwelling unit which has become common to the neighborhood due to the desirability of the Mount Pleasant community, and its proximity to the beaches as well as Downtown Charleston. The proposed plan reuses only the foundation of the existing house. The one-story exterior is designed to be in keeping with the quaint, historic coastal architecture of Mount Pleasant while incorporating more contemporary coastal architectural details and materials found in other neighborhoods throughout Mount Pleasant and Charleston.

Project Team:
Architect/Project Lead:  Studio Eight Design